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VIDEO: Biden Brags About Creating Only ‘668 Manufacturing Jobs’ Since Taking Office

It’s unclear whether Biden actually thinks 668 is a number to be proud of.

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President Joe Biden bragged about a very low number of manufacturing jobs created under his administration, making it unclear whether he misspoke or was genuinely proud of not creating over 1,000 new positions.

“As I said, since I came to office, our economy has created 10 million jobs, 668 manufacturing jobs,” Biden shouted during an event on Thursday.

The discrepancy between the numbers cited of 10 million total jobs, but only 668 manufacturing jobs, did not add up for many viewers who observed Biden’s speech.

Biden has been in office for almost two years – over 21 months to be exact – which would mean that “his economy” has created barely one job per day in a country of almost 400 million people (that is, if the 668 figure is accurate and not just another in a long list of Biden gaffes).

The President had difficulty speaking and correctly pronouncing words during a speech in Puerto Rico on Monday, turning and asking someone else on stage to “help me with the pronunciation.”

“And we’ve announced sic – a hundred and sixty-three million, uh [unintelligible] million dollars to begin construction on the canal to restore can -” Biden stammered before turning to his right to beg Puerto Rico governor Pedro Pierluisi for help.

“Help me with the pronunciation,” Biden demanded, to which Pierluisis replied, “Martin Pena, Martin Pena.”

“Martin Pena,” Biden recited. “The, that entire ecosystem. And we’re gonna clean up polluted waters and restore mitigation habits, m-m-mangrove habitat, mangrove habitats.”

While hosting a reception for Hispanic Heritage Month earlier this month, Biden told members of the audience that “maybe some of you” came to the United States illegally, then declared “y’all were here before we were” in a seemingly contradictory statement.

“Can you imagine? Maybe some of you were dreamers,” Biden said. “It’s like your – why don’t what, people expect to say when your mom’s taking you across the Rio Grande to say, ‘No mama, I’m stayin’ here, I’m not goin. I’m gonna make my choice.’ C’mon.”

“Hispanic history is American history. It’s American history,” Biden said. “As a matter of fact, as they say, ‘Y’all were here before we were.’” He then laughed awkwardly and nodded.

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Gabriel Keane
Written By

Oppressed gamer who built multiple social media pages totaling hundreds of thousands of followers since 2016, and was one of the first viral content creators to be deplatformed by Big Tech.

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