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About Valiant News

Valiant News is the culmination of years of experience from an editorial team that has written thousands of articles. Our team was at the forefront of the 2016 counter culture led by President Donald Trump, was in Washington, D.C. covering election integrity protests in 2020, helped blow the whistle on Big Tech’s censorship agenda, produced documentaries exposing the international migrant crisis, and knows that journalists must take a stand for medical freedom.

This website,, offers factual, hard-hitting news, in-depth opinion, commentary, and analysis, and tongue-in-cheek humor to confront the issues of the day.

Editorial Team

Tom Pappert | Editor-in-Chief

Having started volunteering for Ron Paul in 2011, and working in politics immediately after graduating college, Tom has spent his entire adult life working to restore integrity to America.

Gabe Keane | Managing Editor

A social media pundit with a wit that has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers – only to be banned by big tech – who decided to turn his talent for the written word into a career.

Jack Hadfield | Associate Editor

An investigative reporter who began his career as a troublemaking student working for Breitbart Tech, Jack’s status as a free speech absolutist led him to become a writer and documentarian.


Valiant News is owned by Targeted Media Marketing, LLC. This website earns revenue from advertisements, and may earn revenue through affiliate marketing and donations from generous readers like you.

Correction/Retraction Policy

We strive to be certain all content published in every article on this website is true and factual, though sometimes we may simply get it wrong.

Should this happen, our policy is to correct these errors and notify readers by placing a notice at the top or bottom of the article. A headline may also be changed to reflect new facts, though this may not always be noted.

Minor errors, including but not limited to spelling, punctuation, and grammar, will be corrected without a notice.

Valiant News and its editorial team take credibility in journalism seriously. Anything less than a full effort to verify the authenticity, truthfulness, and credibility of all sources would be an insult to our readers.

Correction/Retraction Request

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