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A headshot of Nancy Pulte Rickard and a mosaic of Jesus of Nazareth
A headshot of Nancy Pulte Rickard and a mosaic of Jesus of Nazareth
Pulte Family Charitable Foundation / Composite


DELETED: ‘Charity’ Using Resources to Smear Philanthropist Caught Deleting Questions About Self-Dealing

Another wrinkle emerges in a story covered by Valiant News

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Valiant News previously reported on Nancy Pulte Rickard’s abuse of her family’s non-profit to trash her own family members. Rickard is the President and Chairman of the Board at the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation. 

According to Big League Politics, Rickard’s use of foundation resources to tarnish her family members may not only be unethical, but illegal as well.

“Any 501c3 organization has a fiduciary duty to use funds in an appropriate manner. A criminal complaint was recently unsealed against a 501(c)3 that did not use take appropriate care in using funds,” BLP reported. “The Pulte Family Charitable Foundation may have run afoul of its 501(3) fiduciary responsibility by attacking family members related to the charity’s founders, which is clearly not the stated purpose of the foundation.”

Now, Rickard’s foundation has been caught deleting questions about the foundation’s misuse of funds and potential self-dealing.

Breitbart reporter Jordan Dixon-Hamilton publicly asked the foundation for comment on Nancy Pulte Rickard’s use of the foundation to attack her own family members. Dixon-Hamilton’s question was deleted.

It appears Pulte Rickard does not want the public to see that reporters are asking questions about her potential misuse of funds. The foundation also locked several Twitter posts to prevent comments as questions about it’s impropriety were raised. Separately, a non-profit officer accused of self-dealing was recently arrested and charged in federal court.

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Analise Morrow
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Analise is a conservative from the United States who writes under a pseudonym to keep the radical left at bay.

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