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Government Overreach

Tucker Carlson and Rep. Tim Burchett Dish on Alleged Government UFO Coverup in Latest Interview

“Federal agencies have been lying about UFOs for more than 80 years, this has been a coordinated effort that has been both highly time-consuming and very expensive.”

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Tucker Carlson has once again captured the attention of his audience with a deep exploration of the US government’s role in reporting on UFO phenomena to the public in his latest X segment.

“Federal agencies have been lying about UFOs for more than 80 years, this has been a coordinated effort that has been both highly time-consuming and very expensive,” Carlson said. “Many Americans have been hurt in the process.”

He continued, “But why? What’s the point of this? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just release the facts? The conventional explanation for why they haven’t been released is that the U.S. government is lying about UFOs because the truth about UFOs is too scary to reveal, that they’re real, and our leaders wouldn’t want to panic the population. That’s not true, in fact, it is ridiculous. ‘Wouldn’t want to terrify the population?’ Terrifying the population is what our government does best and most avidly. Government officials regularly gin up irrational fears about Covid, white supremacy, ad Vladimir Putin, or a dozen other topics as part of a pretty obvious control strategy. It is not like these people mind scaring you, they want to scare you and they do every day.”

Carlson noted, “So why would they lie about UFOs? Because they’re covering up a crime, obviously. And it is their crime. Someday we’ll discover what that crime is, but in the meantime, here are a few questions that honest lawmakers ought to be asking: Have government agencies used tax dollars to collect advanced non-human technology? If they have, where exactly is that technology now? Has it been used for profit? How exactly has the American public benefitted from that technology? Has the U.S. government communicated directly with the beings that piloted these craft? Have American officials ever entered into any sort of agreement with them? If so, what are the terms of that agreement?”

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) told Carlson, “I think it is power, influence, corruption, and money — all the things that run Washington.”

“So obviously, if they were in possession of some of this material, a craft, or what have you, the reverse engineering possibilities would be unlimited. And they don’t want to — they can control the ebbs and flows of technology and they’re on the cutting edge, and they don’t want us out of war,” the congressman added. “Imagine too, as I’ve stated before, if you had this energy source that didn’t show a heat trail that could heat and cool our homes, the Pentagon would be out of business. I think I called them war pigs, but I meant to day war pimps.”

“Does it occur to you that the billions in unaccounted Pentagon funds that turn up in every accounting process, maybe they’re not lost through incompetence, maybe they’re attached to programs we are not allowed to know about?” Carlson asked.

Burchett responded, “I completely think it is intentional, Tucker. They’ve been lying about it since 1947. And then all of a sudden, we’re going to pass legislation… I’m not really sure about the Schumer amendment, because it is basically modeled after the Kennedy assassination files, and here we are 60 years later and we haven’t done that.”

The congressman concluded, “The reality is we’re going to tell them to tell us the truth after they’ve been lying to us and funding these programs… This thing has been going on at least since 1947, and maybe before then. It is a worldwide phenomenon.”

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James Michaels
Written By

James is an American conservative inspired by President Trump to enter the world of politics

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar


    December 1, 2023 at 5:36 pm

    The Cold Reality is The Scum/Govrnmnt Tried to Make a Deal with Them after They came Looking For Their Recon Units in 1947!-And As Usual the Scum Fuked it Up And Now The Aliens Have All the Control.-They Can’t Operate Covertly With Human Interference!-WE Are The Lab Rats and the Entire Planet is Its Laboratory!-The Study Of Moronic Brutal Humans Is Just That-Brutal!-No Desire Or Even Interest in Becoming Friends!-Zero Empathy For a Primitive Race Of Psychotic War Mongers and Mentally Diseased Creatures!-This Is The Reason For Its Random Studies!-Some Have a Different Softer Opinion and Have Actually tried Primitive Communication-Your Trusted Govrnmnt uses This To Manipulate Its Own Agenda/U.A.P.’s/Made in U.S.A.-Thousands Of Humans A Week Go Missing On The Planet-Few Are Found-Want To Find Out?-Go Hiking or Camping in a Remote Park Sometime!

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