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Government Overreach

Fauci: ‘Most of the Population’ Will Need ‘Annual Updated Covid-19 Shots’ Forever

Fauci says “most” people will simply need “updated” COVID-19 jabs every year for the rest of their lives now.

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Outgoing Biden regime medical advisor and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated that most Americans will have to be injected annually with “updated” COVID-19 vaccines specifically tuned to circulating variants, seemingly for the rest of their lives.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that looking forward with the COVID-19 pandemic in the absence of a dramatically different variant, we are likely moving towards a path with a vaccination cadence similar to that of the influenza vaccine, with annual updated COVID-19 shots matched to the currently circulating strains for most of the population,” said Fauci.

Many Americans have already received a staggering four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but Fauci believes Americans will have to get used to being injected with dozens more for the remainder of their lives.

The new “updated” COVID-19 booster shots were recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on mouse data and without completion of human testing.

Apparently the new injections are similar to the COVID vaccines currently available in the United States, but have “minor modifications” that the creators claim protect subjects from the latest version of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, which has proven to infect individuals despite them having been fully vaccinated until this latest release.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel appeared to be on the same page with Fauci, as the Big Pharma chief had recently compared COVID-19 vaccines and their mRNA technology to iPhones, suggesting that vaccinated people will have to get an update on their shots every year as the virus continues to mutate.

During an interview with CNN business earlier this August, Bancel stated that his corporation will “keep updating the vaccines” in hopes of rolling out “a single-dose annual booster to cover the coronavirus, the flu and another common respiratory virus within the next five years.”

Fauci will step down from his positions as the Director of the NIAID and Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor in December, just before a potential Republican Congress could investigate him, Valiant News reported.

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Andrew White is a Northern Virginia native. His work has been previously featured on Alex Jones’ Infowars, Revolver News, and The Liberty Daily. White is a constitutionalist Patriot, who focuses on social issues, election integrity, globalism, US politics, as well as general corporate and government corruption.



  1. Avatar


    September 6, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    OMG; gas his Nazi azz.

  2. Avatar


    September 6, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Every year” since stats have been tabulated, decades, 60,000 to 80,000 died in the U.S. from Influenza A and Influenza B (Flu), 300,000 to 500,000 worldwide each year. Hundreds of children die from the Influenza B annually. Magically the flu deaths disappeared during the covid hoax. Now flu is back magically. The feds of all countries paid out millions for fake covid diagnosis but for some strange reason didn’t pay for flu diagnosis. The whole damned thing was a test to see how lockdowns would work. The lockdowns destroyed lives, economies, businesses etc.

  3. Avatar


    September 6, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    I think Fauci and Gates should each have 25 Covid jabs in each cheek, and we can see if they shrivel up like spiders spayed with poison.

  4. Avatar


    September 6, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    You and big plarma can kiss my A**.

  5. Avatar


    September 8, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    Just how much money is Big Pharma giving this a hole.

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