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Lula and Bolsonaro
Lula and Bolsonaro
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Bolsonaro Opponent Dubbed ‘Brazilian Joe Biden’ After Freezing Up, Spacing Out Mid-Debate

Brazil’s socialist presidential candidate lost his train of thought mid sentence during a live debate with populist President Jair Bolsonaro

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In Brazil, the candidate now known as the “Brazilian Joe Biden” apparently lost his train of thought mid sentence during a debate against the country’s incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro, who is affectionately known as the “Brazilian Donald Trump.”

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a socialist politician who is now running for another term after serving nearly two years in prison before having his conviction overturned, appeared to completely forget what he was saying in the middle of a debate against Bolsonaro ahead of the country’s presidential election in October.

Brazilian social media users are now reportedly mocking Lula as the “Brazilian Biden.”

Brazilian reporter Fernande de Castro, writing in The Gateway Pundit, explained that “Lula is 76 years old and is showing signs that his health does not look good,” and beyond losing his train of thought, “his voice is hoarse.” Lula’s performance apparently led Democratic Labor Party politician Ciro Gomes to publish “a message doubting the socialist’s health” before later deleting it.

Joe Biden’s presidency has been plagued with incessant faux pas and gaffes that generally involve Joe Biden saying something he did not mean to, mispronouncing a word, having uncomfortable conversations with small children, or forgetting someone’s name.

Lula, who was convicted of corruption in 2018 and spent more than 500 days in prison before being released following a ruling by Brazil’s Supreme Court, apparently suffered the mental gap around the time he was asked if his ambition is to restore the alleged corruption from his prior government, reported de Castro.

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“Lula,” Bolsonaro asked in Portuguese in the opening moments of the clash, “do you want to return to power to continue committing the same acts of corruption?”

After the debate, Bolsonaro appeared to declare himself the victor. “Lula lied like the convict that he is,” said Bolsonaro in a brief interview after the debate.

Bolsonaro has been described as a populist Christian who believes in the free market capitalism once championed uniformly in the United States.

Currently, polls show Bolsonaro either behind Lula or statistically tied with the socialist candidate whose governance once sparked an economic crises due to fears he may emulate the Venezuelan communist dictatorship to the country’s north.

Bolsonaro’s family, themselves all public figures or politicians, mocked the poll citing similar polls showing Bolsonaro far behind his opponent in the 2018 election.

Ahead of the elections, Bolsonaro has warned of potential vulnerability’s in the country’s election system, and has suggested he may not acknowledge a defeat unless measures are taken to improve the country’s election security.

Recently it was the Brazilian Supreme Court have reached a “truce” with Bolsonaro.

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