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Biden ‘Frustrated’ That White House Hid Formula Shortage From Him, Corrects His Gaffes

Biden is “frustrated” at his abysmal polls, and blames his White House staffers for hiding information from him and constantly correcting him.

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Joe Biden is apparently “frustrated” with his White House staff, and blames them for keeping important information – like the baby formula crisis – away from him, and believes it is damaging to his polls when his staffers correct his public statements.

The Biden White House was described as “adrift” in a new NBC News article today, with the typically left-leaning publication revealing that Biden is perplexed when it comes to understanding why Americans are unhappy under his rule.

Biden believes the blame should be levied on his White House staff – he may part ways with Chief of Staff Ron Klain later this year – and suggested that his own appointees are undermining him and causing him to lose ground with voters and the authentic vibe he believes won him the Oval Office.

Biden was “annoyed” to learn of the devastating baby formula shortage in the United States, and NBC reports that he was especialyl furious “that he got his first briefing in the past month, even though the crisis had long been in the making.”

“He’s now lower than Trump [in the polls], and he’s really twisted about it.”

– Anonymous person close to the White House

But more importantly, according to NBC, Biden is upset that the White House keeps correcting him.

As Valiant has reported extensively, the White House frequently fact checks its own chief executive. This happened repeatedly when Biden traveled to Poland and hinted at using chemical weapons against Putin, a ground invasion of Ukraine, and that the United States would depose Putin.

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The White House rapidly corrected Biden on all of these points, assuring the public that nothing the president said was factual or had any bearing on U.S. foreign policy. Biden later claimed the corrections never happened, or that he never made the statements in question.

Last week the White House corrected him again after Biden promised that the U.S. military would support Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. This, apparently, upset Biden.

“The so-called clean-up campaign,” Biden reportedly told advisors, “undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise,” NBC reported.

Even worse for Biden, “it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command.”

Joe Biden with Barack Obama

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are reportedly being held at arm’s length by the administration. At least one Democrat, Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Florida, went on the record through her office to say she had not spoken with the White House in six months.

This has not stopped Biden from complaining that not “enough Democrats go on television to defend him,” something the publication hinted Biden blames for his abysmal polls.

The Biden administration is, thus far, one of the most unpopular presidencies in U.S. history, with his approval ratings dropping below President Donald Trump’s at a similar time during his presidency.

“He’s now lower than Trump,” one anonymous person close to the White House told NBC. “He’s really twisted about it.”

The lackluster job performance in concert with abysmal polls and an economy gripped by record breaking inflation that will see Americans pay an extra $5,400 for basic necessities this year has also resulted in a lack of confidence from Democrat donors, the outlet reported.

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“People confront him,” a person described as a “top Democratic donor” told NBC. “All he’s hearing is ‘Why can’t you get anything done?'”

Previously, Biden officials – including Klain, who NBC says is expected to leave the administration “some time” after the midterms – have suggested that the unpopular president does not need the support of Americans to achieve Democrat victories in 2022 and 2024.

After French President Emmanuel Macron won a second term despite unprecedented opposition – and by a much slimmer margin than his last victory – Klain cited the victory as reason for Democrats to be optimistic.

An interesting observation,” wrote Klain on Twitter. “President Macron appears to have secured a double-digit victory over LePen, at a time when his approval rating is 36%. Hmmm….”

This was before a series of high profile exits from the White House by black officials, apparently known as a “blaxit,” was reported this week.

Apparently nearly two dozen black staffers have left the Biden administration, citing lack of mentors, lack of promotions, lack of care for black issues, and lack of a coherent plan.

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    June 1, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    Election fraud must be guaranteed for klain to be so cocky.

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    June 1, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    His Fraudulency Xao Bai-Din always blames someone else for any problem that Xao himself has caused. He’s been doing that since forever.

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