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Trump Wants ‘Deranged Jack Smith’ Held in Contempt, Alleges He’s Abusing Court System to Aid Biden Campaign

Trump campaign initiates effort to “hold deranged Jack in contempt of court.”

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In a recent development, former President Donald Trump has filed a motion against Special Counsel Jack Smith, calling for him to be held in contempt of court. The motion was filed in response to Smith’s handling of the ongoing investigation into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents.

Trump’s legal team argues that Smith has demonstrated a “clear bias” against the former president and has not conducted the investigation in an impartial manner. They also claim that Smith has ignored evidence that would exonerate Trump and has instead focused on building a case against him.

“The stay order is clear, straightforward, and unambiguous. All substantive proceedings in this court are halted,” Trump’s attorney wrote in the filing. “Despite this clarity, the prosecutors began violating the stay almost immediately.”

The motion comes as tensions continue to rise between Trump and the Department of Justice, which appointed Smith to oversee the investigation. Trump has repeatedly criticized the investigation as a “witch hunt” and has accused the DOJ of trying to damage his reputation and political career.

The motion is likely to be met with opposition from Smith and his team, who have defended the investigation as necessary and proper. It remains to be seen how the court will respond to the motion and what impact it will have on the ongoing investigation.

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Analise Morrow
Written By

Analise is a conservative from the United States who writes under a pseudonym to keep the radical left at bay.



  1. Avatar

    CPO Bill

    January 5, 2024 at 9:03 am

    EFF Jack Off in his biden!

  2. Avatar


    January 6, 2024 at 2:17 am

    T’s mission of exposure continues.
    Perhaps a miracle will occur, and the Dems will take off their blinders.

  3. Avatar

    Rebecca Holstine

    January 10, 2024 at 11:43 am

    Jack Smith shouldn’t have even been assigned to this case.

  4. Avatar


    January 10, 2024 at 4:44 pm

    Jack Smith isn’t working for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe. Every court case against Trump, all these prosecutors are coordinating with the DOJ. They are working for Capo Garland. Garland acts more like a CAPO in the Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe Crime Family than a U.S. AG. One will never see Coke Head Hunter indicted for contempt of Congress by Garland. Garland works for Corrupt Quid Pro.

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