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Klaus Schwab and a World Economic Forum screen with attendees in the foreground
Klaus Schwab and a World Economic Forum screen with attendees in the foreground
Abhisit Vejjajiva (Flickr / Edited)


Klaus Schwab: The Wood and the Trees

Raw Egg Nationalist examines the shady history of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and his true role among the global elite

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He wants us to eat bugs. He thinks he can reverse global warming by blocking out the sun with giant “space bubbles”. He tells us that in 2030 we’ll own nothing, have no privacy and we’ll be happy. I’m talking, of course, about World Economic Forum founder and sinister German baldy Klaus Schwab. We all think we know Klaus Schwab – but do we really? And do we really know what the World Economic Forum is up to?

A while back, I read a piece called “Schwab Family Values” about Klaus Schwab’s career and its relation to that of his father Eugen. Speculation about Schwab’s family has been widespread, especially his supposed links to the Rothschild family, around which a small cottage-industry of fact-checkers and debunkers has now grown up. According to the “Family Values” article, Eugen Schwab’s service to the Nazis as part of its atomic-weapons programme, when he was manager of a factory that produced heavy water using slave labour, is key to understanding the current aims of his son and heir Klaus. What we are dealing with is nothing less than a longstanding nuclear-powered Nazi eugenic dream, passed down from one generation to the next.

It’s certainly true that there are interesting continuities between the career of Schwab-pèreand Schwab-fils. After completing his studies at Harvard in 1967, where he studied under Henry Kissinger, Klaus went to work for his father’s old company, Escher-Wyss, and soon became directly involved, like his father, in the nuclear ambitions of a rogue “white supremacist” state. This time it was apartheid South Africa, which actually did develop nuclear weapons; although it later renounced them.

Klaus Schwab at a podium

Klaus Schwab at Davos in 2017 (US State Photo)

From there, Klaus went on to found the European Management Symposium in 1971, which would eventually become the World Economic Forum. One of the major influences on the foundation of the Symposium was the famous Club of Rome, a prominent early think-tank composed of members of the world’s scientific and financial elite, just like the World Economic Forum today. One of the Club’s principal concerns was global population reduction, as exemplified in its 1972 book The Limits of Growth. World leaders must intervene directly, the Club argued, to prevent a situation of catastrophic population increase that would stretch the earth’s resources beyond their limits.

For the author of “Schwab Family Values”, the pieces fit together neatly – the nuclear weapons, the racism and eugenics – and there’s really only one conclusion, even if the author hedges somewhat by posing it as an open question. Klaus has “helped to launder relics of the Nazi era… so as to ensure the continuity of a deeper agenda”: the creation of “the Fourth Reich”.

To which I respond: Yeah, maybe.

The question we should really ask ourselves, I think, is whether it’s necessary for Klaus Schwab to be a not-so-secret Nazi eugenicist for us to reject his agenda, and that of the World Economic Forum, wholeheartedly. Isn’t what we do know or can know – information that can be verified easily – more than bad enough already?

One of the things I tried to do in my most recent book, The Eggs Benedict Option, was to rely solely on publicly accessible documents and information produced by the World Economic Forum and its partners, like the EAT Foundation. The book tells the story of the Great Reset and how it is built on a global transformation in food production and consumption that will rival the Agricultural Revolution of c.10,000 years ago, when fixed-field farming and the domestication of animals began in the Near East. At no point in proceedings was it necessary for me to fall back on speculation about ancient bloodlines or insinuation about hidden Nazi agendas to drive home the message that a transition to a global plant-based diet, rooted in total corporate control of food production, will be a disaster not just for our health but also our freedom.

Bill Clinton and Klaus Schwab sit on stage

Bill Clinton and Klaus Schwab at Davos in 2009 (Robert Scoble / Flickr)

Like the inhabitants of the first agricultural states, who were corralled into nightmarish urban settlements and forced to work in the fields, we will be at the mercy of a predatory elite with little concern for our well being beyond our ability to produce value for it to extract. For the last 150 years, as corporations have come to produce more and more of the food we eat, we have become sicker, more and more demoralised, and thus easier to manipulate. Things will only get worse if we surrender what little control we have left.

The danger with portraying Klaus Schwab as a Moonraker-type figure or, as I like to call him, a “thrift-store Palpatine”, is at least twofold. First of all, it makes it harder for us to be taken seriously, to build a movement that incorporates people who, while clearly sympathetic to our aims, may easily be turned off by wilder thinking, especially when it attractsfamiliar forms of condemnation like “conspiracy theory” or worse. The Great Reset absolutely isn’t a conspiracy theory, but as soon as you start talking about the Rothschilds and “deeper agendas” – well, we all know what happens. You’re trapped in a swamp of accusation swith little chance of escape.

[T]he best way to think of the World Economic Forum is as a nexus, a place where the world’s elites gather together, and also a means by which they spread their messaging.

As tempting as it is to believe that there has to be some grand mastermind behind the Great Reset, that isn’t necessarily the case. Which leads me on to the second danger: that the evil-genius approach doesn’t make fighting the Great Reset, or globalism, any easier. Ask yourself, what would happen if Klaus Schwab disappeared tomorrow? Would the Great Reset still happen? Chances are it would, which should tell us something, then, about the degree of control Schwab personally wields. He isn’t the right target.

Klaus Schwab sits in a short sleeve shirt

Klaus Schwab at Davos in 2019 (World Economic Forum / Flickr)

If Klaus Schwab isn’t an evil mastermind, pulling the strings of our world leaders, neither is the organisation he founded, the World Economic Forum. Don’t misunderstand me: I think the World Economic Forum is important (it’s central to my new book, after all). What I don’t think, and I don’t think you should think, is that it’s the real-life equivalent of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. It clearly isn’t. This is one of the reasons why I believe Jordan Peterson’s efforts to create an “alternative WEF”, to put forward an alternative vision of the future, is misguided. Yes, we need to do something about the constant flow of demoralisation propaganda telling us the world is going to end soon if we don’t give up our entire way of life, but it’s wrong to think that “defeating” the World Economic Forum would really do anything about that, in the same way that “defeating” Klaus Schwab wouldn’t either.

As far as I can see, the best way to think of the World Economic Forum is as a nexus, a place where the world’s elites gather together, and also a means by which they spread their messaging. The Forum isn’t telling our leaders what to do. If anything, it’s the other way around. When political leaders, captains of industry, activists and philanthropists all started repeating the dismal “build back better” slogan during the pandemic, it wasn’t because an order had come down from the World Economic Forum that they were all following. And yet, there was obviously coordination taking place.

This coordination is essential for the globalist party as it attempts to shape global events and “control the narrative”. Look at the rapidly developing idea of “climate migration”. At the World Economic Forum’s most recent meeting in Davos, former presidential candidate Al Gore floated the idea that climate change would cause at least a billion refugees to swamp the West in the coming century, causing a total collapse of our social and political institutions.

“Look at the xenophobia and political authoritarian trends that have come from just a few million refugees. What about a billion!? We would lose our capacity for self-governance on this world! We have to act!”

[T]he basic things Donald Trump did achieve … were more than enough to send his globalist opponents into a death spiral.

More and more, this feels like the how of the Great Reset: how we will go from our world of nation states that are still largely built along distinct historical, cultural and ethnic lines, to the deracinated world of “Welcome to 2030”, where we are all just “global citizens” without any distinct allegiances or identity, except an abstracted sense of common “humanity”. A massive wave of migration, deliberately encouraged and unlike anything in the history of our species, will break the current system, causing a state of emergency that will “demand” a supra-national political response.

This narrative is still developing, and involves a wide variety of different actors, from politicians like Al Gore to science-popularising hacks like Gaia Vince, who has written a book, Nomad Century, on the topic. A global legal precedent has already been set by the UN Human Rights Committee, which ruled in 2020 that a state cannot send migrants home if they are at risk there from climate change. Western leaders have also accepted moral culpability for climate change by agreeing, in principle, to the notion of “climate reparations” for nations like the Maldives and Vanuatu.

Men and one woman standing around a coffee table

Donald Trump, Dan Scavino, Ivanka Trump, and Klaus Schwab at Davos, Switzerland in January of 2020 (Trump White House)

Thus far, the most effective resistance against globalism has had nothing to do with the World Economic Forum, and everything to do with reasserting basic nationalist principles. As much as his presidency was a failure in so many ways, the basic things Donald Trump did achieve – moving to restrict unlimited immigration, pulling America out of the Paris Accords, bringing NATO to heel, reducing American reliance on China – were more than enough to send his globalist opponents into a death spiral. Their desperate all-or-nothing manoeuvring to prevent Trump from implementing his America First agenda, and to ensure that he wasn’t re-elected, is all the evidence we need that his platform is the right one.

So yes, the World Economic Forum is part of the problem – but we mustn’t lose sight of the wood for the trees.

This op-ed features opinion and analysis from Raw Egg Nationalist, the popular health and fitness author recently profiled in the Tucker Carlson Originals documentary, “The End of Men“. His book, The Eggs Benedict Option, is available on his website and from popular book sellers. His magazine, Man’s World, is available online.

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Raw Egg Nationalist
Written By

Raw Egg Nationalist is the popular fitness and health author profiled in the Tucker Carlson Originals documentary The End of Men. His latest book, "The Eggs Benedict Option", is available now.



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    March 23, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    I knew this piece of trash was a Nazi. He might be related to soros in more ways than one….

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      March 25, 2023 at 10:20 am


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    March 23, 2023 at 7:11 pm

    The REAL people of the world have ZERO need or desire for think-tanks like the WEF, Bilderberg, the CFR, Sierra Club, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I beg to differ wholeheartedly. The world would be a FAR better place if these self-proclaimed maniacal “elites” (straight from the bowels of hell itself) all collectively choked on their last dying breath. I will not be told by the author that these folks are in anyway legitimate or even matter to humanity. I will not sit down and have a conversation with devils about the merits of their mere existence. I do not recognize their self-proclaimed “authority”. And if they want to have a chat with me in my yard about it, the conversation will be cut very short. No – they are a pestilence on God’s earth and must be brought to face justice (kicking and screaming is fine with me).

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    March 23, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    NAZIs and Commies are opposite sides of the same coin, both are evil and totalitarian and need to be destroyed.

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    March 24, 2023 at 6:25 am

    “As much as his presidency (Trump) was a failure in so many ways,”!!! This article is obviously liberal gibberish given this absurd statement. Looks to me like Raw Egg Nationalist is simply parroting the “narrative” and white washing the WEF, UN, et al.

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