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A DC metro stop with two men going up an escalator
A DC metro stop with two men going up an escalator


Citizen Hero Tackles Active Shooter on DC Metro, Ending Shooting Spree

Washington, DC Metro riders disarmed an assailant who shot three people, killing one, including WMATA mechanic Robert Cunningham.

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Citizens on the Washington, D.C. Metro have disarmed an assailant who shot three people, killing one who tried to help another victim.

Isaiah Trotman, 31, of Southeast, engaged in an altercation with another rider on a Metrobus near the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. He pulled out a handgun, chased the rider off the bus, and shot him. The rider got away and called the police before EMS transported him to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Trotman entered the station where he shot someone else who was trying to buy a Metro card. He then tried to drag the victim over a turnstile but the victim managed to escape.

Trotman then went down the escalator to the platform where he confronted a woman. At this point, Robert Cunningham, 64, a mechanic with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) intervened. Trotman shot Cunningham, killing him, before boarding a Metro train.

Metro rider Timour Skerynnikov told ABC affiliate WJLA that Trotman told the riders he had already shot two people and vowed to shoot more.

“He wasn’t there to negotiate,” Skerynnikov added. “Mr. Cunningham was right in front of me, 15 feet away.”

Fearing for his life, Skerynnikov said his survival instincts kicked in. He and other riders tackled Trotman, disarming him.

Trotman fled the train and was apprehended by police. He was subsequently charged with First Degree Murder while Armed, Kidnapping while Armed, and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon.

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WMATA Board Chair Paul Smedberg released the following

“I wasn’t surprised at all he would do that,” Mary Whalen, a neighbor of Cunningham’s who said she’s known him for over 30 years, told WJLA. “He was doing his job, which was to tell that gentleman, ‘You cannot harass this lady. You can’t pull guns out. We don’t do this.’ I don’t think he gave it one second of thought that it could mean his life.”

Overall crime in the nation’s capital is up 18 percent this year. The homicide rate in DC spiked in 2020 in the wake of nationwide anti-police protests, reaching an 18-year high in 2021.

The growing crime rates in Joe Biden’s America caused even former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to warn Democrats last year against making the 2022 midterms a referendum on the president.

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Jacob Grandstaff
Written By

Jacob Grandstaff was trained at the National Journalism Center in 2017. He contributed to Capital Research Center, Campus Reform, and the Washington Examiner's Red Alert Politics section. In 2018, he worked as a field director for Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker's reelection. In 2019, he graduated with a master's in history from the University of North Alabama. He is the co-host of The Right Take Podcast. You can follow him on Gab @Jacob_Grandstaff or on Twitter @JDGrandstaff.



  1. Avatar

    Lewis Sanborn

    February 4, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    There is little protection against determined evil. What we do have is certain and swift retribution.

    IOW: Never again vote democrat. It really is that simple.

  2. Avatar


    February 4, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    Welcome to Washington DC where only the criminals carry guns. Could have been lesser good people killed if law abiding citizens were allowed to carry their weapon.
    Let’s see what excuse this prick comes up with so the wonderful DC Justice system can return him to the streets so he can kill again.
    All because of the fucking assholes politicians in DC who think one day they will actually control their citizens.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll accidentally kill the ridiculous asshole President in DC when he awakens from his coma.
    My prayers go out for the 3 innocent people killed because of DC politics.

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