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Top Soros Executive Met With Biden White House Multiple Times

The meetings are supposedly “proof that… George Soros is secretly calling the shots on regulations that will affect the daily lives of millions.”

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A top executive for George Soros’ Open Society Foundations has close access to the Biden White House, where he has had multiple meetings.

Tom Perriello, who serves as the executive director for Soros’ Open Society Foundations US team and was a former Democrat member of Congress for Virginia, has visited the White House 13 times over 8 different days between May 2021 and September 2022, according to a review of visitor logs by Fox News.

While it is unclear who he met for meetings, visitor logs do detail who greeted him. Some of those who met Perriello include Jordan Finkelstein, the chief of staff to Biden advisor Anita Dunn, Richard Figueroa, who serves as a race and ethnicity policy advisor, and Rachel Chiu, the chief of staff in the office of political strategy and outreach.

Perriello also serves on the board of Governing for Impact, a secretive group that Soros funded to the tune of millions of dollars, that seeked to influence the Biden administration, producing multiple policy recommendations for dozens of federal agencies.

Alex Soros, George’s son, has also had multiple White House meetings, including two with Ron Klain, the outgoing chief of staff for Biden. The White House refused to comment on the nature of the meetings between Perriello and administration officials.

George Soros speaks at a forum Charting A New Growth Path for the Euro Zone during the annual IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington September 24, 2011. (REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

“Open Society is dedicated to advancing inclusive democracy and prosperity, and human rights, in the United States and around the world,” Soros’ group said in a statement. “Our leadership, like our grantees, actively advocate with policymakers to advance these goals, and that includes engaging with policymakers from both parties. Tom also has taken meetings on behalf of Open Society and in his personal capacity as a former Member of Congress.”

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Parker Thayer of Capital Research Center, who initially discovered the existence of Governing for Impact, argued that Perriello’s “frequent lunch meetings” were more proof that “Governing for Impact, and by extension George Soros, is secretly calling the shots on regulations that will affect the daily lives of millions.”

Earlier this month, a 13-year-old article from The Sunday Times went viral, detailing a secretive 2009 meeting between a cadre of ultra-wealthy billionaire financiers, who are said to have discussed curbing global “overpopulation” behind closed doors.

In the article, journalist John Harlow wrote that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates hosted a secretive summit nicknamed the “Good Club,” featuring wealthy attendees such as Soros himself, along with David Rockefeller Jr, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, and others.

The meeting, which took place in Manhattan on May 5, 2009 at the home of British Nobel prize-winning biochemist and president of Rockefeller University, Sir Paul Nurse, was reportedly “so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told that they were at ‘security briefings.'”

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Jack Hadfield
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Jack Hadfield is the Associate Editor at Valiant News. An investigative reporter from the UK, and the director and presenter of "Destination Dover: Migrants in the Channel, his work has appeared in such sites as Breitbart and The Political Insider. You can follow him on Gab @JH, on Telegram @JackHadders, or see his other social media by visiting



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    January 31, 2023 at 6:29 am

    okay congress, you have enough to take biden and all the dems out right now. soros is the head of the snake that plaques the world.

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    February 12, 2023 at 7:48 am

    That SOB SOROS and his damn money are directly responsible for the massive increase in criminal activity in every big city in the U.S. He’s paid millions getting his psychotic leftist D.A.’s, Prosecutors & Judges elected for the purpose of wreaking havoc on the country through zero bail policies, not prosecuting criminals of all types from simple drug addicts & thieves to felony crimes of assault, rape armed robbery and murder. It’s been Soros’s self admitted hatred of the United States & his wish to bring our country down to its knees through crime, social decay, political corruption and Communism.
    He along with his many nonprofits have been used for prostitution human trafficking and money laundering for decades throughout the world. His sick views and actions have made him an enemy of no less than seven countries where he’s been banned from entry for life. His ties with the CIA have protected him from loosing his citizenship in the United States and allow him to continue his dream of watching our country fall.
    Of all people who are responsible for the resurrection of BLM and Antifa it’s him, he’s used his money to fund those Terrorist Organizations training, travel, food, safe houses in multiple states, high powered commercial fireworks being used as deadly explosives, weapons, body armor & other protective equipment.
    He’s an Enemy of the United States that must be investigated, have his citizenship stripped and all donations from the United States to his nonprofits stopped immediately.

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