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Kamala and Milk
Kamala and Milk
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Kamala Praises LGBT Icon Who, At 33, Took 16-Year-Old Boy As ‘New Lover’

Kamala praised Harvey Milk at the White House today despite his fondness for underage drug-addicted boys

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Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday championed LGBTQ+ icon Harvey Milk during remarks at the White House in celebration of the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

Milk, revered among the LGBTQ+ community for being “the first openly gay man to hold political office in California,” was also known for his sexual taste for underage drug-troubled male youths.

“As the great Harvey Milk once said, I quote, ‘rights are won by only those who make their voices heard.’ And because you made your voices heard, marriages are more secure and Joe Biden is our president,” Harris said.

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In a 2013 interview and subsequently quoted by the Huffington Post, the Liberty Counsel‘s Matt Barber described Milk as a “pederast.”

“That’s a man who in his mid-30s had a sexual appetite for teenage boys as young as 15 years old,” Barber said.

“Harvey Milk was demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his rape of teenage boys, And the fact that our U.S. government would be commemorating and recognizing him as some kind of hero really just boggles the mind.”

Milk was known for having an romantic relationship with a mentally troubled 16 year old boy named Jack Galen McKinley, who was also suicidal.

As pro LGBTQ+ publication All Gay Long put it, “It was not a healthy relationship, though; when McKinley first began his relationship with Milk in late 1964, McKinley was 16 years old. He was prone to depression and occasionally threatened suicide if Milk did not show him sufficient attention.”

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Milk’s own biographer Randy Shilts would later confess, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.”

”…Sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure,” Shilts said. “… At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.”

Also in attendance at the White House celebration on Tuesday was none other than “Drag Queen Story Hour” performer “Marti Cummings,” a self proclaimed “non binary drag artist” and leftist LGBTQ-supporting political activist.

When not hobnobbing around the President of the United States, Mr. “Cummings” spends his free time dressing in drag to read and dance for little children.

In light of his visit, Mr. “Cummings” has come under fire for a past tweet in which the drag artist stated “The kids are out to sing and suck d!”

Mr. “Cummings” also starred in a music video for a song titled “Show Me Your D*ck,” which featured images of erect penises and clips of him stating “I like big d*ick. I want a thick d*ck. Give me an uncut d*ck. I don’t want your drink, I want your d*ck. Do you think it’s slutty to have sex with a different guy each week? So that’s 52 guys in the whole year. Is that like, slutty? Or husband hunting?”

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Andrew White is a Northern Virginia native. His work has been previously featured on Alex Jones’ Infowars, Revolver News, and The Liberty Daily. White is a constitutionalist Patriot, who focuses on social issues, election integrity, globalism, US politics, as well as general corporate and government corruption.



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    December 14, 2022 at 11:11 pm

    Is Washington DC now the Queer Capital of the world?

    Or just trying to be?

    Jesus is coming soon and he’s going to be spitting swords out of his mouth.


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