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Raphael Warnock wearing a mask and Herschel Walker
Raphael Warnock wearing a mask and Herschel Walker
Senate Democrats / Flickr / Herschel Walker / Twitter


Walker, Warnock Face Final Dec 6 Runoff For U.S. Senate: Georgia Secretary of State

Midterm madness appears likely to continue as the U.S. Senate race between Warnock and Walker likely advances to a runoff

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Republican Herschel Walker and Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock are headed for a runoff election on December 6, according to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s COO.

Shortly before announcing that Georgia election workers were calling it a night, COO Gabriel Sterling, an infamous enemy of 45th President Donald Trump, reported that a runoff was almost certain.

“We feel it is safe to say there will be a runoff for the US Senate here in Georgia slated for December 6,” wrote Sterling on Twitter.

At press time, Walker has received 1,901,724 votes, or 48.5% to Warnock’s 1,937,043 votes, or 49.4%. Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver has received about 80,000 votes, or 2.1%.

As neither candidate has exceeded the 50% margin required for victory in Georgia, a runoff will be declared.

Both Warnock and Walker released statements last night that stopped well short of claiming victory, and both hinted at the growing possibility of a runoff election.

“I’m tellin’ you right now – I’m like Ricky Bobby,” Walker told supporters, “I don’t come to lose.”

The former athlete seemed to acknowledge a runoff was on the horizon.

In a lengthy statement captured by CSPAN, Warnock too seemed to acknowledge the possibility of a runoff election but stressed that he received more votes than Walker, though he did not acknowledge the presence of the Libertarian in the race.

“We are not sure if this journey is over tonight or if there’s still a little work yet to do,” said Warnock, before adding that “we know that when they’re finished counting votes” he will “have received more votes” than Walker.

Many may remember 2020, when Republican Kelly Loeffler also advanced to a runoff against Warnock and ultimately lost by around 90,000 votes.

At the time, Republicans and Democrats were warring over how much money to promise the American people as part of a COVID-19 stimulus package. Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell repeatedly rebuked calls from 45th President Donald Trump to raise the Republican plan to $2,000 per person, which would have matched the Democrats’ promise.

Both Walker and Warnock have been dogged with campaign controversies, with Walker forced to deny accusations that he paid for a former girlfriend to abort their child, and Warnock repeatedly being accused of rampant anti-white racism due to sermons at his church.

While the election has not been certified and votes are still being counted, Sterling was able to report last night that his boss won his election.

Sterling reported that Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is responsible for running elections in Georgia, “came away with the biggest percent win statewide at 9.29% over his opponent and the biggest margin over his opponent at 364,041 votes.”

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