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New York Times Shares Tips to ‘Cope’ With ‘Election Stress’ on Twitter: ‘Breathe Like a Baby’

“Elections and anxiety often go hand in hand. Here are some evidence-based strategies that can help you cope.”

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The New York Times has released an “evidence-based” guide on Twitter for their readers to help them “cope” with “election stress,” to much derision from conservatives.

“Elections and anxiety often go hand in hand,” the New York Times posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening, offering five different tips for them to help combat the election stress that many of their Democrat readers may be suffering:

  • “Try five-finger breathing. Trace the outside of your hand with your pointer finger. When you trace up, breathe in, and when you trace down, breathe out.”
  • “Cool down. Plunge your face into a bowl with ice water for 15 to 30 seconds.”
  • “Move. Even a walk around the block can offer some relief for an uneasy mind.”
  • “Breathe like a baby. Focus on expanding your belly as you breathe, which can send more oxygen to the brain.”
  • “Limit your scrolling. Consider plotting out specific times when you will look for election updates.”

Unsurprisingly, the NYT was widely mocked by conservatives on Twitter for posting their election stress guide, including the UK’s Nigel Farage, who quipped that they “cannot be serious.”

Other Twitter users joked that the New York Times was almost satirising their own user base, of affluent white liberals with no kids, who love consuming “boxed wine.”

Commentator Mike Cernovich suggested that the New York Times had only posted the election stress guide because they “know it’s time to accept defeat,” even before the polls had closed, a sentiment shared by a number of other Twitter users.

Radio host Dan O’Donnell added that the New York Times was really to blame for any stress their readers would be suffering this evening, since they had spent “six months convincing [them] that democracy will end if their party loses.”

Kyle Mann, Editor in Chief of the Babylon Bee, was so impressed by the almost-satirical nature of the post, that he offered a job at the conservative satire news site to the person who came up with the tweet, with a number of other Twitter users noting that the Bee would find it hard to compete with the New York Times’s post.

The New York Times did have at least one happy customer in Erin Dooley, a former ABC World News reporter who now works as the Public Affairs Officer for the Department of Justice in Texas, who said that while she thought it was “ridiculous” at first, she felt “instantly more relaxed” after she tried one of the methods. “Election or no election, mindfulness for the win!”

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Jack Hadfield
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Jack Hadfield is the Associate Editor at Valiant News. An investigative reporter from the UK, and the director and presenter of "Destination Dover: Migrants in the Channel, his work has appeared in such sites as Breitbart and The Political Insider. You can follow him on Gab @JH, on Telegram @JackHadders, or see his other social media by visiting



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    November 9, 2022 at 6:13 am

    better yet put your head in a bucket of ice water for 15 to 30 minutes to permanently calm yourself snowflake commies

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    November 9, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    Need to cope, snowflake? WHINE LIKE A BABY !!!

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