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Male feminists protesting with a sign that reads "Men of quality support gender equality"
Male feminists protesting with a sign that reads "Men of quality support gender equality"
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Male Feminists Twice as Likely To Use Erectile Dysfunction Meds: Study

New research suggests male feminists are more than twice as likely to need erectile dysfunction medications than normal men

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Erectile dysfunction is more likely to be a problem if you’re a male feminist, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

“I have research interests in both masculinity and sexuality,” said study author Tony Silva, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia. “Previous research has shown a connection between concerns about masculinity, on one hand, and use of erectile dysfunction medication, on the other, so I wanted to further investigate this topic to see what other factors may be related to the use of erectile dysfunction medication.”

For many, the new research is only likely to confirm suspicions that male feminists’ views may be a cover for their physical inadequacies, which mean they can’t compete with other men for female attention in the normal manner.

Erectile dysfunction and male feminism: a clear link

The researchers looked at data provided by 1,015 men as part of the 2018 Sex in Canada survey. The respondents were asked whether they had used any medications designed to help them attain or maintain an erection during their last sexual encounter. The respondents were also asked whether they considered themselves to be feminists.

Feminist men were more than twice as likely to report the use of erectile dysfunction medication than non-feminists. Around 7.7% of men who didn’t consider themselves to be a feminist reported using erectile dysfunction medication, while a much larger 18.1% of men who did consider themselves to be a feminist. About 10.6% of men who were “unsure” of whether or not they were feminists also reported using erectile dysfunction medication.

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In addition, feminist men also reported that they had significantly more difficulty getting or maintaining an erection compared to non-feminist and unsure men.

And the statistical association between feminist identification and use of erectile dysfunction medication was maintained even after accounting for these variables and others, such as age, education, political orientation, and sexual health status.

Male feminist with a female gender symbol painted on his cheek at a feminist protest

Garry Knight / Flickr / Edited

“I think the main takeaway is that our research suggests that feminist identity may shape sexual behaviors, in addition to attitudes about gender equality,” Silva told PsyPost.

It’s unclear why there is this relationship between being a male feminist and have erectile dysfunction, and in particular whether the latter might be a direct cause of the former. It could simply be that male feminists are more honest about their sexual prowess than non-feminists.

“Our research established a connection between feminist identity and reported use of prescription erectile dysfunction medication, but more research needs to be done to know exactly why this connection exists,” Silva continued.

“Men’s concerns about masculinity are one possible explanation, but other factors need to be investigated as well. For instance, future research could ask about men’s attitudes about sex and feelings toward their partners, in addition to men’s understandings of their masculinity.”

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