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Cash Me Outside girl
Cash Me Outside girl


‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Creates $1.7 Million Trade School Scholarship

The “Cash Me Outside” girl is giving away a $1.7 million trade school scholarship after earning more than $50 million on OnlyFans

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Most people know Danielle Bregoli as her stage name,”Bhad Bhabie,” that emerged following her viral appearance on Dr. Phil. Her teenage catch phrase, “Catch me outside, how about that,” became an Internet meme. Now an adult, Bregoli performs as a rapper and broke records when she turned 18 and immediately created an OnlyFans account.

Rich from her career as an entertainer, Bregoli is going to change lives in a new way: The Bhad Scholarship, a $1.7 million scholarship Bregoli says will aid 1,000 students in trade and technical schools by funding roughly a third of their tuition. Of those students, Bregoli explained, 50 students will each receive $50,000 grants to help start a small business.

The scholarship is apparently how Bregoli came to be speaking at the prestigious Oxford University. TMZ reported that Bregoli will speak with students at Oxford University’s debating society, Oxford Union, in a speech which will be streamed on YouTube.

The Oxford Union president said that ‘it would be an honor to welcome [her] to continue this fine tradition’ in welcoming Bregoli.

“I know that there’s a lot of kids out there that really want to get real jobs and want to work hard, but they just don’t have the money to provide it,” Bregoli told Yahoo Life regarding her scholarship. “I thought it was an amazing idea.”

“I want to own a nail salon,” she said. “I want to hopefully end up having it become a franchise and putting them in multiple different areas.”

Select recipients of The Bhad Scholarship will get $1,000 toward their trade school educations, and 50 recipients will get $10,000 in capital to begin their businesses, according to Yahoo.

“I’m doing something that everybody loves, which is giving away a lot of money,” Bregoli said in a video posted to YouTube. “It’s a scholarship.”

In the video, Bregoli directly acknowledged that she felt compelled to somehow give back after she made more than $50 million from OnlyFans after her 18th birthday.

Other prominent figures who have spoken at the Oxford Union include U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, inventor Albert Einstein, and the late Queen Elizabeth II and Mother Teresa.

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