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Government Overreach

Top Agent Accused of Anti-Trump Bias Resigns, Escorted Out of FBI Offices – Report

Timothy Thibault was involved in the Hunter Biden probe, but allegedly “purged” pro-Trump agents.

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Timothy Thibault, a top FBI agent accused of bias against 45th President Donald Trump, has resigned, and was seen being escorted out of their Washington DC field office by two uniformed agents.

Thibault, a former assistant special agent, who was involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop, unexpectedly resigned on Friday, according to the Washington Times. The outlet reported that two former FBI officials said that Thibault was “forced to leave his post,” but clarified that they were not sure if he had resigned or left on his own accord.

Eyewitness accounts given to the FBI officials, and provided to the outlet, claim that Thibault was escorted out the FBI’s Washington DC field offices by two or three “headquarters looking types.”

Before being placed on leave, Thibault helped lead the investigation into Hunter Biden and his alleged activities in 2020. His social media activity came under scrutiny for seemingly showing massive political bias against Trump, who was still in office at the time.

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Marine One departs Mar-a-Lago in 2019 (Trump White House / Tia Dufour)

This included liking Washington post articles criticising former Attorney General Bill Barr for not prosecuting Trump’s allies, and a retweet of a post from the rabidly anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project which called him a “psychologically broken, embittered and deeply unhappy man.”

Thibault was also responsible for pushing out unvaccinated agents from their elections team who he suspected to be Trump supporters. One former FBI official said people were “purged” if they had attended the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC on January 6 – the official in question was placed on indefinite suspension, and later resigned.

“Look, I think some of the executives that were involved in my indefinite suspension are the same cast of characters involved in pulling security clearances for conservative employees in retaliation for their disfavored political speech,” he said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the most senior GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that Thibault’s bias and “blatant partisanship undermined the work and reputation of the FBI”:

“This type of bias in high-profile investigations casts a shadow over all of the bureau’s work that he was involved in, which ranged from opening an investigation into Trump based on liberal news articles to shutting down investigative activity into Hunter Biden that was based on verified information. Political bias should have no place at the FBI, and the effort to revive the FBI’s credibility can’t stop with his exit. We need accountability, which is why Congress must continue investigating and the inspector general must fully investigate as I’ve requested.”

FBI Director Chris Gray had previously avoided questions on Thibault’s alleged partisanship when questioned by Congress, referring to them as “ongoing personnel matters,” and downplayed his influence on the Hunter Biden investigation, but admitted his online activity was “deeply troubling.”

Valiant News reported on Monday that President Trump attacked the FBI for their alleged “interference” in the 2020 election, by supposedly burying the Hunter Biden laptop story, calling for the election to be reexamined as a result.

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Jack Hadfield
Written By

Jack Hadfield is the Associate Editor at Valiant News. An investigative reporter from the UK, and the director and presenter of "Destination Dover: Migrants in the Channel, his work has appeared in such sites as Breitbart and The Political Insider. You can follow him on Gab @JH, on Telegram @JackHadders, or see his other social media by visiting



  1. Avatar

    Gerald Ladd

    August 30, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    He, and others should be jailed.

  2. Avatar


    August 30, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    I have said it before there is panic running through the FBI. They fear the next couple of years. Because of the obvious criminal actions they perpetrated over the past decade.

  3. Avatar


    August 30, 2022 at 4:36 pm

    Why wasn’t he arrested? I mean, this is the FBI and they are very good at arresting people. Just ask the 600 plus who were arrested for J6 participation.

  4. Avatar


    August 30, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Garland should resign too after he claimed he would tear the country apart to get Trump. He has no business being AG

  5. Avatar


    August 30, 2022 at 8:12 pm

    He like Mueller, McCabe, and the other Trump Haters should be charged with TREASON for first trying to ILLEGALLY REMOVE a Duly Elected President with the Russia LIE and then for not doing their Job which allowed Democraps to CHEAT Pedo Joe in to office.

  6. Avatar


    August 31, 2022 at 6:43 am

    Garland and Ray should be removed, and criminal investigations started. The idea that Ray somehow didn’t know is absurd.

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