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Suparna Dutta
Suparna Dutta
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Conservatives Now Control Virginia Board of Education Thanks to Youngkin

Gov. Glenn Youngkin appointed Suparna Dutta to the Virginia Board of Education, meaning the once-woke government body is now controlled by conservatives

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Glenn Youngkin, the Republican governor of Virginia and an outspoken critic of progressive school boards, has appointed Suparna Dutta as the newest member of the Virginia Board of Education. Dutta has expressed her disapproval for how the Fairfax County School Board of Education operates, especially regarding their newest admission process.

“As my kids were in elementary school and middle school and high school, I found the level of education somewhat lacking compared to what I had got in India and I went to government schools in India,” Dutta told 7News. Dutta moved from India to the United States when she was 23 years old.

“Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology is touted as the number one public school in America by U.S. News,” said Dutta. “Students work hard – get in by hard work, merit, and there was an effort by the school board and some FCPS school officials, they said that the race-blind merit-based standardized test was somehow racist.”

Dutta has voiced for concerns about Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) suspending students as young as 4th grade for “deadnaming or maliciously misgendering” fellow students.

“I think instead of addressing our children’s needs, and ensuring that children can read and write and do math, what some people are doing is inserting their own ideology ahead of our children’s needs,” said Dutta.

“This is extremely confusing for our children. And it doesn’t serve any purpose. This is really not education. This is their version of what reality is or however they choose. Parents don’t want indoctrination. Parents good education. And that’s it. Leave everything else to parents because parents are the primary educators. Let’s remember.”

Governor Youngkin, who appointed Dutta this week, ran his campaign for more parental control in school boards. He recently signed a bill that requires schools to notify parents about any sexually explicit material in class assignments. Parents are allowed to opt their children out of the assignment and instead be given an substitute assignment.

Dutta previously supported Youngkin’s campaign and was featured in an ad.

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Kylie Thomas is a Penn State grad who is now working in politics full time.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar


    July 9, 2022 at 3:45 am

    The following will help re “misgendering”…
    ΤΌἝΝ/ ΤΌ+ἝΝ (lower case, τόἕν/ τό+ἕν)/ T(O)HEIS/ T-HEIS/ THEIS (pronounced, THICE) or THE+ONE/ THEONE ((pronounced, THONE), for “the one referred to” (from the Greek, ΤΌ [lower case, τό]/ tó, for “the” [see,… and see also, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance reference at the bottom of the justaformentioned URL]… and, ἝΝ [lower case, ἕν]/ heis, for “one” [see,]… and so, combining the “t-” from tó to “-heis”, or simply joining the Latin “the” and “one”, for theone). And the term, THEIS– in particular– has the same number of characters as the plural pronoun/ determiner, THEIR… and, except for the letter “r”, is spelt the same.
    And to “encourage” the use of the abovenoted, when the subject of “he”, “she”, “s/he”, “their”, “they”, “them” comes up, simply replace any of these terms with THEIS, THONE or THEONE… and request that the hearer and/ or reader pass on these new expressions! And, if necessary– and convenient!– provide this Comment Log/ C̲log from a handy USB stick, for your recipient’s edification and recommunication. And, eventually, when a “social ‘linguistic meme’ threshold” has been achieved, the weight of the burden of the use of “he”, “she”, “s/he”, “their”, “they”, “them” (etc.!) can then be lifted… and the need to continue communicating this “gender prescription”!

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