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New York Bodega Business Union Endorses Trump over Soaring NYC Violence

BSBG slams Democrat politicians, gives warm thanks to Trump for visit.

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In a significant show of support, the Bodega and Small Business Group (BSBG), representing thousands of bodegas in New York City, has released a statement endorsing Donald Trump and criticizing controversial anti-Trump District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The statement comes after Trump’s visit to the Blue Moon bodega in Manhattan, where Jose Alba was arrested for defending himself and his business against a convicted felon.

The BSBG’s statement highlighted the organization’s appreciation for Trump’s support of small businesses and tougher enforcement against retail thieves. The group noted that Trump’s visit and support are particularly significant at a time when state legislators have rejected Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal to make it a felony for assaulting a retail worker.

The statement also underscored the organization’s disappointment with the lack of action from New York’s elected officials to address the concerns of small businesses regarding public safety and the need for stronger laws and enforcement. The BSBG expressed hope that Trump’s visit would spur local leaders to take action.

This development comes at a time when Trump is facing his own legal challenges, including a trial related to alleged hush money payments to cover up a sex scandal during the 2016 election. The trial has placed Bragg at the center of a political firestorm, with critics accusing him of engaging in a politically motivated prosecution.

The BSBG’s statement has added another layer to the ongoing debate about the role of law enforcement in protecting small businesses and ensuring public safety. It also highlights the complex relationship between politics, law enforcement, and the business community in New York City.

As the legal and political battles continue, the BSBG’s statement serves as a reminder of the real-world impact of these controversies on the city’s small businesses and the importance of addressing their concerns.

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Vincent Dela Cruz
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