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Kamala Harris Suggests Creating Federal ‘Department of Grievances’ While Laughing At Airline Passengers

“We need a department of grievances. We have a lot of federal agencies, but not that one.”

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In a recent podcast appearance on the “I’ve Had It” show, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her desire to establish a new federal agency called the Department of Grievances. During the interview, Harris discussed her personal grievances about airline passengers removing their shoes during flights, particularly when they cross their legs so that their feet are in the line of sight of other passengers.

“Oh God, had it. Completely,” Harris said, laughing in her trademark manner. “It’s awful, and then if they take their shoes off and cross their legs so that their foot is just dangling right in front of you, it’s just… especially if they’re sockless!”

Harris, the second-in-command in the Executive branch, suggested that there should be a federal agency dedicated to addressing such grievances. “We need a department of grievances. We have a lot of federal agencies, but not that one,” she said.

The Vice President’s comments have sparked a range of reactions on social media, with some users expressing support for the idea of a Department of Grievances, while others questioned the necessity and practicality of such an agency. Critics have pointed out that the federal government already has numerous agencies and departments dedicated to addressing various issues and that adding another one focused on grievances might not be the best use of taxpayer money.

The Biden administration has been increasingly utilizing podcast interviews to connect with different audiences and discuss policy issues. Harris herself has participated in several podcast interviews recently, including one with former CBS Evening News anchor and Today show host Katie Couric.

As the 2024 election approaches, it remains to be seen whether the Biden administration will pursue this idea further or if it will remain a topic of discussion on podcasts and social media.

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Vincent Dela Cruz
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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    April 14, 2024 at 1:03 am

    Yep, people will be lining up for that job.

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