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Ex-Clinton Advisor: ‘Horrifying’ How Many Minorities, Men Leaving Democrats ‘In Droves’ Under Biden

“It’s horrifying our numbers among young voters, particularly younger Blacks. Younger latinos. Particularly males.”

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In a candid and alarming assessment, former Bill Clinton campaign strategist James Carville has expressed deep concern over the significant number of young voters, especially young people of color, leaving the Democratic Party under President Joe Biden’s leadership. Carville, a prominent Democratic political consultant, has been vocal about the party’s growing disconnect with young voters, particularly males of color, and the potential implications for the party’s future electoral success.

During a recent interview, Carville did not mince words when discussing the issue, stating, “I’ve been very vocal about this. It’s horrifying our numbers among younger voters, particularly younger blacks, younger latinos … younger people of color. Particularly males. We’re not shedding them, they’re leaving in droves.”

This stark warning from one of the Democratic Party’s most experienced strategists underscores the urgency of addressing the growing detachment of young voters, especially those from minority backgrounds.

The Democratic Party’s historic coalition has relied on strong support from young voters, including young people of color, to secure electoral victories. However, Carville’s comments suggest that this coalition is facing significant challenges under the current administration. As a result, the party’s ability to maintain its traditional support base and remain competitive in future elections may be at risk.

In the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, Carville’s assessment serves as a wake-up call for the Democratic Party to address the concerns and priorities of young voters, if it hopes to maintain its relevance and electoral success. The party must engage in meaningful dialogue and implement policies that address the needs and aspirations of this critical voting bloc to ensure its long-term viability.

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James Michaels
Written By

James is an American conservative inspired by President Trump to enter the world of politics

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    April 1, 2024 at 10:29 pm

    Gee whiz. Those young people just don’t understand it’s an honor to be insulted and demeaned by top Democrat leaders.

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