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Lara Trump Vows Massive ‘Legal Ballot Harvesting’ Initiative if Elected RNC Co-Chair

“We need to have the biggest legal ballot harvesting operation this country has ever seen.”

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In a recent announcement, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, has pledged to launch the largest legal ballot harvesting operation in history if she is elected as co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). This bold move is aimed at strengthening the Republican Party’s election efforts and ensuring that every vote is counted.

Ballot harvesting, also known as ballot collection, is the practice of collecting completed absentee or mail-in ballots from voters and delivering them to the appropriate election office. While it is legal in some states, the practice has been a subject of controversy due to concerns about potential fraud and abuse.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Lara Trump shared her vision for the future of the Republican Party, emphasizing the importance of focusing on key areas such as voter registration, ballot harvesting, and poll watching. She also highlighted the need for a strong early voting push to ensure that Republican candidates have a competitive edge in future elections.

Lara Trump’s commitment to launching the largest legal ballot harvesting operation in history is a clear indication of her dedication to the Republican Party and its success. If elected as co-chair of the RNC, she plans to implement a comprehensive strategy that includes training poll watchers and engaging in a massive early voting push.

The former president’s daughter-in-law is no stranger to politics, having been an active voice in the Republican Party and a strong supporter of her father-in-law’s political career. Her experience and determination make her a formidable candidate for the position of co-chair, and her commitment to the party’s success is undeniable.

As the Republican Party looks to the future, the potential leadership of Lara Trump could bring about significant changes in the way the party approaches elections and voter engagement. With her focus on legal ballot harvesting and other key initiatives, she is poised to make a lasting impact on the Republican Party and its efforts to secure victory in future elections.

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Analise Morrow
Written By

Analise is a conservative from the United States who writes under a pseudonym to keep the radical left at bay.



  1. Avatar

    Lawrence M

    February 23, 2024 at 6:35 pm

    Wow! So the Republicans will finally do what the Democrats have been doing for decades! Took a while to catch on or was it just that they liked riding in the back seat so much the way they are now!

    Having “bumbling mumbling Mitch” around sure had a lot to do with their issue! Well, go figure he and his wife really love Communist China! And now they are the number one producer of manufactured goods in the world, which the US was for so long; well to Mitch I guess it’s just “C’est la vie!”

    • Avatar


      February 23, 2024 at 8:24 pm

      Please keep in mind she is advocating LEGAL ballot harvesting.

      The difference between legal ballot harvesting and illegal ballot harvesting is like the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. One is needed, the other is an anathema to our Republic.

    • Avatar


      February 24, 2024 at 4:37 am

      ????? No the Republicans are just honest to a fault. They are finally seeing the truth. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

  2. Avatar

    William Klingler

    February 23, 2024 at 6:50 pm

    Take the bull by the horns Lare Fix this broken party.

  3. Avatar

    Lawrence M

    February 24, 2024 at 12:28 am

    Wrong! Both are flawed and in essence are the same thing! All voting should be done “in person” paper ballots-hand counted on the day of voting and only active duty military personnel who are overseas (Absentee Ballots) can have votes of theirs counted election day or in some cases just after! That’s the way it was done for centuries up until a few decades ago when criminal politicians started rigging and gaming the system! Thus we see a Biden criminal so called politician with nearly 60 years of being a (parasitic politician traitor) was able to flourish, wake up or join Communist China and Russia!

    What a ridiculous comparison, comparing “Legal Immigration with Illegal;” which obviously is not even similar in any way, shape or form! Like trying to compare apples with oranges or Communism with a Constitutional Republic!

    • Avatar


      February 24, 2024 at 4:40 am

      We need to go back to pre Obama. That is before this country went off the tracks when Obama became the Prez.

      • Avatar

        Lawrence M

        February 24, 2024 at 7:58 am

        True Keedon; Obama and his ilk are a curse from hell and Obama is pure evil. He hates America and its genuine Patriotic Citizens just like Soros does and they both serve Satan! They would love nothing more than to see America in a state of total anarchy! The truth is dark forces have been at work in America for decades while too many easily corrupted officials turned a blind eye to it all and even facilitated it for the cash! Look at Biden a complete useless flunky that’s been a so called politician for nearly 60 years raking in the millions for doing NOTHING good! Was it an accident that they both served in the two top executive positions of US Government for 8 years, hardly! While Obama with Soros and their dark ilk got a 3rd term in the shadows! Both are as dirty and evil as the darkest sin!

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