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Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers Mock ‘Bulls**t Artist’ Joe Biden’s ‘Dumb Guy’ Antics

Rogan and Rodgers joke about Biden’s gaffes, lies, and falling incidents.

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Podcaster Joe Rogan and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaaron Rodgers mocked President Joe Biden’s ineptitude on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast this week.

“Joe Biden is the most popular president in history,” Rodgers joked in regard to the discrepancy between Biden’s record-setting vote totals in 2020 and his currently abysmal approval ratings.

“Yeah, he’s the best,” Rogan replied. “I mean, there’s no one better. He’s best at talking. He’s best at walking up stairs.”

“Good handshaker,” Rodgers joked.

Rogan jibed, “He’s good at riding bikes. He shakes hands with ghosts.”

“I remember there was some crisis that was going on and I remember, oh, it was a hurricane that was coming and Biden said ‘The best thing you could do is get vaccinated,’” Rodgers recalled, noting “He’s not a fan of mine, I don’t think.”

“He was a dumb guy when he was okay. I mean, he’s, he was never a bright guy,” Rogan noted. “I mean, he’s very well known as a liar. Like there are all these videos of him lying about his education record, lying about so many different accomplishments that he’s achieved in his life. He was always a bullshit artist and not just a bullshit artist, but like a liar, like a flat-out liar.”

Rogan continued to quote Biden, “‘I graduated at the top of my class.’ No, you didn’t. How would you not know that? How do you not know you, you didn’t graduate at the top of your class. You definitely didn’t. You know, why you saying that … somebody hit you over the head and tell you that, like, what the f**k are you talking about?”

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The Packers quarterback went on to discuss the vitriol he received from corporate media over his vaccination status, and the questionable medical state of President Biden.

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A shy gamer who built multiple social media pages totaling hundreds of thousands of followers since 2016, and was one of the first viral content creators to be deplatformed by Big Tech.



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