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Pro-Hamas Protestors Call Biden ‘Complicit in Genocide,’ Prompting Confused Agreement From POTUS

“They make a point,” Biden says after pro-Hamas demonstrators call him “complicit in genocide.”

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In a surprising turn of events today, a group of pro-Hamas protesters interrupted President Joe Biden’s speech on gun rights, accusing the 81-year-old president of being “complicit in genocide.” The protesters, who were chanting slogans against Biden, caused a momentary disruption in the event.

What was even more surprising was Biden’s reaction to the protesters. Instead of condemning their interruption, the President chided his own supporters who had started chanting “four more years” in response to the protesters.

Biden seemed to agree with the protesters’ claim that he is complicit in “genocide,” a statement that has left many of his supporters stunned.

“They care, innocent children have been lost,” Biden said. raising his hands with a confused look on his face. “They make a point.”

This incident has raised questions about Biden’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict and his commitment to combating anti-Semitism. It also highlights the ongoing debate over gun rights in America, with Biden’s speech being a part of his administration’s efforts to tighten gun control laws.

The President’s response to the protesters has been widely criticized by conservatives, who view it as a betrayal of his own supporters and a sign of weakness in the face of radical elements. They argue that Biden’s inability to stand up to the protesters is indicative of a broader trend in the Democratic Party, which they believe is increasingly sympathetic to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic elements.

In the wake of this incident, many are calling for a stronger stance from the Biden administration against anti-Semitism and a clearer policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The President’s actions today have only added fuel to the fire, raising serious questions about his leadership and his ability to navigate the complex and contentious issues facing America today.

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Vincent Dela Cruz
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  1. Avatar

    Grizz Mann

    June 12, 2024 at 8:29 am

    C’mon man! Israel is home to mostly Jews.They are accustomed to abuse.Just ”Move On”. Democrats do support the cults of ”DEATH”.

  2. Avatar

    Lawrence M

    June 12, 2024 at 1:02 pm

    If anyone chanting 4 more years actually would want this derelict “at the helm” as the saying goes, to guide America, they’re either absolutely “stark-raving mad” or they are “paid partisans” shouting whatever they are told to spew, at any of his press conferences!

    I quote; “raising serious questions about his leadership and his ability to navigate the complex and contentious issues facing America today.” This zombie and the entire “Democrat Cabal including the Deep State” with the Military Industrial Complex can’t navigate Biden’s path off the freaking stage he stands on at any and all events he participates in, or “even his own path to the toilet;” and these maniacs even “want to consider him” as material for the Presidency? The ONLY thing he will help navigate America too is WW III!!! “They’re all material for that toilet” I mentioned; and that is the truth, “and that’s the rest of the story,” as the renowned Paul Harvey would say!

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